Tate’s Bake Shop

Use social media to guide new-product development


During our work with Tate’s Bake Shop, we recognized an opportunity for the gourmet-cookie brand to develop a discrete gluten-free social-media audience. Our community-building strategy included  increasing brand offers to attract and engage gluten free customers.


  • The client based new social media groups on our findings.
  • Tate’s expanded and extended gluten free product line.
  • The brand saw a three-fold increase in gluten free product sales offered through e-commerce.
  • Highly targeted Facebook advertising and promotions expanded the gluten-free page’s audience from zero to more than 38,500 highly qualified Likes within 12 months of its launch.
  • Creative targeting and extensive ad testing decreased cost per Like by 77%.
  • New likes were acquired at less than 24% of the industry average benchmark cost.

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