We help nonprofits share their passions and accomplishments with current and potential donors. So when it’s time for donors to determine their support, you’re at top-of-mind.

Start The Conversation
Social media helps you show how your organization is achieving its charitable goals. Now more than ever, donors are monitoring the breakdown of the dollars they give. Provide that extra level of transparency for them, by building a social media dialogue.

We make sure that your message reaches people who care about your cause.

We'll Help You

Connect with more of your current donors on social media.

Social media is excellent for donor retention and nurturing increased donations: We’ll ensure that you’re linked with your current donors.

Reach new donors. Social advertising includes exceptional targeting tools at comparatively low cost. We use highly targeted keywords to reach the people most inclined to care about your cause. We can also model your list to reach new prospects that are within 1% variance of those you have today.

Get the right people reading your content. Many nonprofits’ content is rarely seen, and even more rarely engaged with.  We use advanced techniques that target and stimulate response from key audiences.

Deliver measurable results & reports.

You can share our easy-to-read Results Reports with your board and donors. Our review of analytics includes a comparison to standard nonprofit benchmarks, for ultimate context. These reports help you to improve future messaging and discuss the issues donors care about most.